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Newtec Co., Ltd. contributing to the abalone aquaculture industry of Korea.

Crane for aquaculture working

Mostly installed in the working ship of abalone farms, Crane for aquaculture working is used to collect kelp which is the feed for abalone, feed, lift aquatic products. Newtec Co., Ltd.‘s first developed Crane for aquaculture working has been building customers’ loyalty due to its specialized function and convenient use.

FRP Boat

FRP Boat is light, durable, anti-corrosive, and resilient and has high-capacity. FRP Boat is optimized for aquaculture working such as multi-purpose Stem Cate for loading and unloading aquatic products and tools & materials for aquaculture working.

Hydraulic Jib Crane

Installed in seashore and dock, Hydraulic Jib Crane is used for lifting small boat for repair, tools & materials and aquatic products, and boat for evacuation from typhoon.

Hydraulic Jib Crane is equipped with its own power supply and has strong durability, safety device, and convenience.