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4 Ways Healthcare Administrators Make a Difference

The healthcare industry is not just for nurses and doctors, there are healthcare administrators who take care of matters beyond the responsibilities of those professionals. The medical staff would be unable to function if not for executives and managers.

A healthcare administrator is responsible for managing the budget and making sure processes are efficient and organized. Many individuals take this path since it is a fulfilling career which could help improve the lives of other people. Making a difference gives professionals in this field a sense of accomplishment knowing that they can create positive changes by doing their job.

Valuable Members of the Community

Professionals in the healthcare industry are looked up to for the value of the job they perform. The medical staff takes care of the health concerns of the community while executives who are behind the scenes are responsible for making decisions which could affect the industry.

Healthcare administration is another reputable role which comes with the power to create changes in the community through a number of ways. As someone who is responsible for hiring and managing the affairs of a hospital or any other institution in a similar line of business, these professionals provide valuable services to the community. Employment and proper management are included in the healthcare administrator’s duties.

Several Career Paths

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in America, so professionals in healthcare administration are valuable. About 11 million people are employed in various sectors of the industry throughout the United States. A big chunk of the available jobs in the past few years was made available by private healthcare organizations. For the ten-year period ending on 2022, the health care industry is expected to grow by 23 percent.

Since it is a growing industry, there should be people who manage and supervise all these people. Given the demand for healthcare administrators, there are career openings in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. It’s also possible to find careers in consultation firms, government institutions, device manufacturing companies and pharmaceuticals. Professional organizations, insurance companies, and financial firms may also require healthcare administrators. This job is in demand not just in urban areas but also in rural communities in different parts of the country.

Earning Potential

For anyone who is mulling whether to take an online MHA degree or not, it helps to look into the earning potential of professionals in this industry.  Healthcare administrators had an average annual pay of $88,000 in 2012 –this salary is approximately $42.50 per hour. Professionals in higher positions earned an average annual salary of $150,000. For someone with an excellent track record and a solid experience in the industry, the earning potential can go as high as $200,000 a year.

The pay is mostly dependent on the executive position you are holding and your achievements during your tenure in a certain company. Entry-level positions in this industry are not so bad either. Those who belong to the bottom 10 percent earn approximately $50,000. Highest paid professionals in the field are those who manage healthcare groups with at least 26 practitioners.